Data pricacy statement

This website uses Google Adsense, an ad serving solution of Google Inc., USA ("Google"). If Google serves an ad on this website (text-ad, banner, etc.), your browser may store a cookie sent by Google Inc. or third parties. Adsense allows serving of ads via third parties on this website, who may also send cookies. You can find the current list of those third parties here.

Cookies are data stored on your computer allowing analysis of your use of the website. The information about the use of this website created by the cookie will be sent to a server of Google Inc. and stored there.

Google uses the so called Double-Click-Cookie for their ad delivery systems. The DoubleClick service uses so called Cookie-IDs to track what ads are served in what browser. If an ad is to be served in a browser, Google can check what DoubleClick ads have already been served in this browser using the Cookie-ID of the browser. This way no ads will be served that the user has already seen. Also, DoubleClick can track conversions using Cookie-IDs. This is the case if the user sees a DoubleClick ad and later visits the website of the advertiser with the same browser and buys something.

DoubleClick-Cookies do not contain personal data. Sometimes the cookie contains an additional ID resembling the Cookie-ID. This ID is used to identify a campaign the user has encountered before. But DoubleClick does not save personal data in the cookie.

DoubleClick sends a Cookie to the browser if the user calls a page with DoubleClick ads. Such pages contain ad markup instructing the browser to request ad content from the DoubleClick ad servers. When the server delivers ad content, it also sends a cookie. This does not necessarily mean that ads will show on the page. The DoubleClick ad markup could also load a click tracker or an impression pixel.

You can deactivate the DoubleClick cookie permanently with a special browser plugin. This plugin can be downloaded here.

You can prevent storage of cookies on your hard drive by choosing "do not accept cookies" in your browser settings.

The IP-address transmitted by your browser will also be forwarded. This IP will not be consolidated with other Google data.

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